SR21 – Institute for Scientific Research is pleased to have a global partnership with the World Sustainable Business Forum (WSBF) for marketing SR21 offerings across the world and conducting scientific research in collaboration with all stakeholders of WSBF including Scientists, Corporates, Investors, Students, Universities, Global Partners and Policy Makers amongst others. A weak global business scenario is putting pressure on businesses to cut costs which results in a lot of human resources being displaced from their jobs. Businesses are also under pressure to deal with technology disruption and rethink business models to stay relevant in Globalisation.

WSBF is a global platform under the auspices of SR21- Institute for Scientific Research, Zurich. Switzerland. WSBF is committed to empowering the sustainable development of the world by mobilising collaborative and collective action of all stakeholders. WSBF agenda is to channelize financial and non-financial capital towards incubating, amplifying, measuring and managing impact of future proof sustainable businesses created through scientific research, innovation and collaboration of current and future generations to achieve the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development.

WSBF Agenda 
– Climate Change Mitigation & Business Sustainability
– Recycling in Circular Economy achieving Zero Waste to Landfills and No Plastics in Oceans
– Rethink and Regenerate Design, Resource, Energy, Water and Industrial Process Automation
– Biodiversity and Nature Conservation through creative and collaborative financing
– Impact Investments for Employee, Customer, Supply Chain & Community welfare
– Education and Entrepreneurship Incubation platform for Current and Future generations
– Empowering Youth, Women, Special Children and Underprivileged for a Sustainable future
– Transforming Lives through Health & Happiness

Chairman: Mr. Merzi Sodawaterwala
Address: 301, Vision Tower, Business Bay
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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