Business Science relies on statistical tools and techniques such as econometrics to isolate the impact of each marketing activity from other factors such as seasonality, competitor advertising and changes in distribution. Business Science requires an analytical eye, impressive knowledge of key statistical techniques and the ability to turn information into clear, actionable points. Smart use of Business Science can deliver many benefits; improved return on investment, both short and long term, better profits and higher brand equity. Great Business Science relies on the accuracy of data and the ability to source confidential data from different parts of a client’s operation.

The department of Business Science has a long history of producing outstanding business graduates who have gone on to become leaders in business and industry. Students engaged in our programmes have access to experienced lecturers and supervisors who are leaders in their field. There are many opportunities to specialise in various areas of study and to get involved in cutting-edge research, either on an individual basis or in affiliation with our specialised research groups. Students also have the opportunity to engage in cross-disciplinary research. The activities of the department are characterised by close contacts with the business community and industry, research and teaching activities in the field. This adds a practical dimension to the student assignments. The staff members are actively engaged in international research projects and cooperate closely with domestic and foreign research institutions. Our graduates have gone far, having either been employed in companies and institutions or embarked upon further studies, both domestically and internationally.

The Department’s educational aims are to enable students to acquire specialised scientific knowledge through research–led teaching, as well as to provide a basis for their personal, social, and cognitive development. Our students are exposed to issues and problems associated with the business world, work in groups towards the accomplishment of a common goal or series of tasks and develop the skills necessary to present their opinions on all aspects of the business world in a professional, principled and constructive way. The Business Science department produces and disseminates leading-edge applied academic research with transformational impact on business practice, business education and societal issues.

Through our research we aspire to engage with and positively impact our students, our partners and the research community, and through doing so, influence in a profound and significant way our local, national and global communities, working together to achieve our potential.

Our Research Centres are at the forefront of thought leadership. They are integral to the department’s research agenda and aim to be instrumental in shaping policy and practice across both the public and private sector.
Our ever-evolving Research Interest Groups represent new and emerging areas of research, and are comprised of research staff and students and, in many cases, researchers from other institutions.
All staff and research students are members of one of our Discipline Groups, which provide a focal point for our diverse research and which informs and strengthens our outstanding teaching.

Research at the department of Business science is integral to who we are and why we are here: research of the highest level that informs academia and our teaching, but that also helps shape and influence the wider world. We are passionate about the research we do and the vibrant, collegial research community we have created for staff and students; inspiring and supporting researchers from around the world to explore research questions that sit at the intersection of contemporary intellectual debate and the challenges confronting business and policy. That blending of rigour and relevance is at the core of our research philosophy: Ultimately, we do ‘Research that Matters’.

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