In August 2019, the first satellite centre opened in South East Asia and more specifically in Anamnagar-29, Kathmandu, Nepal. Strategically we proudly licenced Premier Education Hub, incorporated under the law of Government of Nepal with the registration number:217758 in Kathmandu, the capital and largest city of Nepal with a population of around one million people. Kathmandu is the largest metropolis in the hilly region. The country has a population of approximately 30 million people. Our Licenced Satellite centre offers different types of Bachelor awards and Master programs including MBAs and of course Doctorate awards including DBAs. All degrees and programs are available in almost all desirable disciplines that a student may wish to study for. For example we already offer Business-related programs including banking or even actuarial science, technology-related, i.e. computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, various types of engineering like civil, mechanical, environmental and more, other programs such as pharmaceutical sciences, psychology and to make this short, we are proud the we are able to offer almost any desirable program of study, supported mainly online at our licenced centre in Anamnagar, Kathmandu. High calibre staff support the project and we are so proud for this effort that will offer international awards to local students and possibly an expansion in the coming years to other neighbouring countries in the region of South-East Asia.

In October 2019 Alpha Consultants have been strategically Licenced to operate in different locations Satellite centres of SR21 Zurich, as they facilitate student interactions, the dissemination of information in an efficient way, and ease the burden of student services.
Nicosia is the largest city, capital, and seat of government of the island of Cyprus. The Greek Cypriot Nicosia with a population of approximately 450.000 people, has been continuously inhabited for over 4,500 years and has been the capital of Cyprus since the 10th century. Nicosia has been chosen to operate as the main Satellite centre in Cyprus, as it is a quite important location for interactions with the MENA region.

In October 2019 Alpha Consultants have been granted a second Licence to operate a Satellite centre of SR21 Zurich, in the country of Cyprus.
Larnaca is a city on the southern coast of Cyprus. It is the third-largest city of Cyprus, after Nicosia and Limassol, with a metro population of approximately 150.000 people. Larnaca is home to the country’s primary airport, Larnaca International Airport. Due to the Turkish invasion in the north part of the country in 1974, Larnaca’s economy has been growing, especially after the loss of the port of Famagusta, which used to handle 80% of general cargo, and the closure of Nicosia International Airport. Today Larnaca’s airport and seaport have increasingly important roles in the economy of the island.

In October 2019 Alpha consultants have been strategically Licenced to operate the Satellite centre of SR21 Zurich, in Athens, Greece.
The City Center of Athens is within the municipality, which is the largest in Greece in terms of population. Piraeus also forms a city center within the Athens Urban Area and is the 4th largest in terms of population. The Athens Urban Area has 40 municipalities, 35 of which are referred to as Greater Athens municipalities in North Athens, West Athens, Central Athens, and South Athens. The Athens Metropolitan Area is in the Attica region with 58 municipalities with a population estimated at 3.75 million. Athens is a global city and one of the biggest economic centres in southeastern Europe. It has a large financial sector and its port Piraeus, is both the largest passenger port in Europe and the second-largest in the world, while at the same time it is the sixth busiest passenger port in Europe.

In October 2019 Alpha consultants have been strategically Licenced to operate the Satellite centre of SR21 Zurich, in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Thessaloniki is located on the Thermaic Gulf, at the northwest corner of the Aegean Sea. It is a modern Greek city, the second biggest of Greece, with over 1 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. It is often described as the cultural capital of Greece, but as well as the city being the second largest in the country, it is also a main transport hub for Southeast Europe. Thessaloniki is a major economic, industrial, commercial, and political center in Greece, as well as home to a commercial port of huge importance to both Greece and its surrounding region.

In October 2019 Alpha consultants have been strategically Licenced to operate the Satellite centre of SR21 Zurich, in Sicily, Italy.
Sicily is a melting pot of a variety of different cultures and ethnicities, including the original Italic people, the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Aragonese, Lombards, Spaniards, French, and Albanians, each contributing to the island’s culture and genetic makeup. About five million people live in Sicily, making it the fourth most populated region in Italy. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 20 regions of Italy. It is one of the five Italian autonomous regions in Southern Italy along with surrounding minor islands, officially referred to as Regione Siciliana.

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