RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning, which is an assessment process that uses your already existing skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve a formal qualification or units of competency in place of study. RPL is a method of assessment that makes formal qualifications more accessible to people already in the workforce, building their careers.
The RPL initiative of SR21 aims to equip professionals with academic qualifications which will enable them to succeed in any workplace and further their careers. In addition, RPL through the credit transfer pathway allows anyone interested in obtaining a degree from Zurich, which is a world-renowned center for education and research, to advance their studies and achieve a degree from the prestigious and leading educational capital in Europe.
RPL is an initiative of global interest. The RPL initiative is based on the rules and regulations applied in Switzerland, with the added flexibility that the relevant rules and regulations regarding the RPL procedure in other countries (e.g. United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries, and others) can be applied. This process can help individuals acquire a formal qualification that matches their knowledge and skills, and thereby contribute to improving their employability, mobility, lifelong learning, social inclusion, and self-esteem.

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