Our mission is to promote the generation of young talentsDoctorate degrees

Substantial numbers of specialists will be needed to meet the challenges we will face in the future. That is why we developed a number of programs to encourage young talents by awakening students' interest in technological and scientific disciplines. Individuals with advanced degrees earn 45 percent more than people with only a bachelor’s degree. Our experts and supervisors are highly qualified in order to support you achieve your goals in your life.

Doctorate of Advanced Studies

A Doctorate of Advanced Studies degree is specifically geared toward a particular career profile. It is awarded in Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, and various other countries in the world, as a higher continuing education (‘Weiterbildung’) degree. It requires a Master’s degree of a minimum of 60 (postgraduate) ECTS credits for a Doctorate of Advanced Studies entry. A Doctor of Advanced Studies degree is conferred upon completion of a program scheme, providing knowledge and skills at the highest level.


The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) is the highest postgraduate degree in academic management education. The introduction of DBA programmes within our institution came as a result of satisfying the need of senior managers and professionals to get an official acknowledgement of their extensive skills and knowledge in the business industry. The Doctor of Business Administration can be seen as a follow-up to a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Similarly, many DBA programmes require several years of management experience for admission. DBA courses focus on acquiring knowledge based on the latest business research and theories.

Accelerate your next career moveHigher Degrees

Gain the confidence to lead and build a network of supportive peers from diverse backgrounds, with unique program formats that blend virtual and classroom learning for maximum impact. Our departments offer Advanced Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate awards as well as research programs in disciplines of expertise of our members of staff subject to their availability for supervision.