Any nor our Master degrees is an individually tailored, research-based postgraduate program. This is an award that students can study in disciplines related to each department or lab of the Institute. It usually involves considerable research effort, either through a thesis or supervised research projects. It is considered equivalent to the standard Master’s degree, based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) – Level 7.

Our Master degrees correspond to a total of 1800 study hours at postgraduate level. They usually require students to complete 1-3 taught modules depending on their preferences and to write a research-based Master thesis. It is required for the students to work independently in order to acquire valuable skills, whatever the subsequent career direction. Each student determines the area of study and programme of work with the supervisor and is provided with appropriate research training to enable him/her to complete the programme of study. This will culminate in the preparation of a research-based thesis which is submitted for assessment by internal and external examiners, together with an oral examination.

Research degrees may be gained by full or part-time study or a combination of the two. Many part time students choose to follow a programme of study in collaboration with their employer, with supervision being provided both by the our institution and the place of work. All students undertaking our degrees are provided with specialist supervision from experts in their chosen subject area. The supervisor meets with the student on a regular basis to consider the direction of the work done, progress with the research, drafts of material that may constitute papers and draft chapters.

In order one to receive an entry to any of our Master degrees, must fulfil the requirements (general education and a Bachelor’s degree from any recognised academic institution worldwide).

Double awards in collaboration with various institutions worldwide are available.

Duration: 3-6 semesters
Tuition fees: 67.750 euros per award.

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