Our Doctorate degree is an individually tailored, research-based program. This award can be pursued in disciplines related to each department or lab of the Institute. It involves considerable research effort, either through an original thesis / or supervised research projects and an original thesis. It is equivalent to Level 8 based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

In order to receive our Doctorate degree, one must fulfil the entry requirements – general education, a Bachelor and a Master Degree or a Bachelor Degree plus substantial professional or research experience. Our institution adds two additional requirements: a demanding program of research study proposed by the student and independent research, culminating in the production of an original postgraduate thesis and possibly, additional supervised research projects of smaller extent. Publication(s) of the thesis research results in recognised (indexed) academic journals will be taken into consideration, especially if they are related to the discipline and the subjects of the research projects and/or the thesis.

During the Doctorate program, the student determines the area of study and programme of work with a supervisor and is provided with appropriate research training to enable her/him to complete the programme of research. This will culminate in the preparation of the original thesis which is submitted for assessment by internal and external examiners, together with an oral examination.

Usual registration period for any routes leading to any of our Doctorate awards, is 24-48 months of full-time study, depending on the previous credentials of each applicant.

Normal Duration: 4-8 semesters.
Tuition fees: 107.950 euros per award.

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