Ageing has been a fact of life ever since it was created. Human beings go through various phases of life from being child to youth to being adult with youth being the best part of life from health point of view. Good health, strong muscles, an efficient immune system, a sharp memory and a healthy brain are characteristic of ideal youth. The hormones work at their peak capacity during the youth years.
Anti-ageing aims to maintain or achieve this irrespective of chronological age, to stay healthy and biologically efficient.
Regenerative science is transforming clinical practice with the development of new therapies, treatments and surgeries for patients with chronic conditions, debilitating injuries and degenerative diseases. Advances in developmental and cell biology, immunology, and other fields unlock new opportunities for innovative breakthroughs for the next generation of regenerative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.
Regenerative science encompasses the full spectrum of regenerative topics, including molecular and cell biology, stem cell biology, developmental biology, tissue engineering, biomaterials and nanomedicine, genome editing and gene therapies, regulatory and translational science, product development, biomanufacturing, entrepreneurship and more.
Understanding the biology of ageing is crucial for understanding the approach to all the processes involved in Aesthetic, Regenerative, and Anti-Ageing science. Identifying the biological changes of ageing, analysing genes and the functions of diagnostic methods contribute to the immersion across disciplines and areas of expertise. Our work on Anti-ageing and Regenerative science is designed to prepare the next generation of scientists to accelerate the discovery, translation, and application of cutting-edge regenerative diagnostics and therapeutics.
There is not an easily defined origin or evolutionary pathway for regenerative science versus aesthetics, as they have often moved in parallel, and have fed into each other throughout the decades.

Specialised award: Master in Anti-ageing and Regenerative science/aesthetics

A Master program designed to provide in-depth knowledge of the most in-demand technologies, materials, and treatments in Anti-ageing and Regenerative science/aesthetics.
– ECTS: 90
– Program duration: one or two years depending on the degree award scheme.

Two directions, depending on the background of each applicant:
– Master in Anti-ageing and Regenerative science
– Master in Anti-ageing and Regenerative aesthetics

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