SR21 - Scientific Research in the 21st century Our processes are tailored to best fit the needs of our students

Our academics, research groups, and experts provide solutions to the challenges faced by students, society, and the economy, with the people of our institute working across disciplines to help businesses, communities, and policymakers benefit from our research outputs. We wish to make our research findings and the expertise of our graduates available to society as effectively as possible.

About us

Our institute is an extensive organization made up of different facilities and departments. We offer direct access to industry-leading scientists who are used to working with both the industries that we serve and those new to using contract research organizations (CROs) analytical projects equipped to research. Our processes are tailored to best fit the needs of society, our students, and researchers, and we assist them to define their goals.

Knowledge and Learning are for All

Our researchers conduct research under the supervision of top researchers and as part of an international research community. In addition, a research degree always includes scientific studies that support the researchers’ competence in their study area as well as their future career prospects. Utilize our services when you want to recruit a trainee or want to suggest a thesis topic. Our students have a wide range of expertise: in addition to helping students specialize in their field, advanced studies foster other useful skills and the ability to manage extensive sets of information. Students can bring new ideas to your company.

Diversity in educationEvery culture, every nationality, every single person sees the world in a different way

Diversity enriches the educational experience by creating an inclusive and dynamic learning environment essential for creative inquiry. An important goal in diversity education is helping students recognize their biases. Whether they are implicit or explicit, biases stem from reliance on common cognitive heuristics that help people navigate their complex social world. Thus, they are part of being human.

We work for a fairer, healthier and more secure world

As a multidisciplinary institution, we solve problems that affect us all from multiple different perspectives. Explore the wide variety of our master’s and doctoral programs, or find out more about the schemes leading to advanced bachelor’s awards. Our research is making a positive difference in the lives of people all around the world. Across our departments, the work of our experts is having a big impact.

Advanced degrees

Our departments offer professional Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate awards as well as higher research programs in disciplines of expertise of our members of staff subject to their availability for supervision. Accelerate your next career move with our degree awards. Gain the confidence to lead and build a network of supportive peers from diverse backgrounds, with unique program formats that blend virtual and classroom learning for maximum impact.