Welcome to SR21 – Institute for Scientific Research, Zurich. We use research-led teaching, a unique location, and a strong sense of purpose to broaden our students’ perspectives. We promote Higher Education, Scientific Research in the 21st century and we focus on Knowledge and Technology Transfer. Switzerland is home to some of the world’s most renowned universities with several top-ranked universities and programmes, scientific institutions and a strong relationship between the industry and scientific research. Switzerland is at the summit of scientific innovation at a European and global level. It occupies top rankings according to several criteria, which is no surprise given the amount of money and support it dedicates to research.

SVEB / FSEA, the Swiss national federal umbrella organisation for adult education, promotes contact between researchers and aims to intensify the dialogue between science and practice. One of their roles is to strengthen research in continuing education in the country and to make scientific contributions on key points. During the past 70 years, they promote collaboration and support their members in their activities, so that the education in Switzerland is kept to its entitled status and the political, economic, societal and cultural conditions are properly promoted in the education sector. As members of SVEB / FSEA, we are fully compliant with their rules and regulations during the Covid-19 era.

Universities play a critical role in science in Switzerland today and regularly place extremely well in various rankings. A large number of Swiss scientists and organisations have received Nobel prizes. There are strong research links between universities and the industry, which means science plays a significant role in the Swiss economy. Multinational corporations have the financial wherewithal to push R&D, such as in healthcare, and they can provide valuable connections between work done at universities and in the industry. Partnerships with businesses, as well as with research and educational institutions and university spin-offs, promote Swiss innovation and create career opportunities in the relevant fields. The Swiss economy focuses on high tech, quality work and skilled workers and strongly depends on foreign trade. Leading companies in engineering, machinery, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology, and computer sciences have headquarters in the country. Switzerland’s innovation performance is among the best in the world. The main players in scientific research are the corporate sector and institutes of higher education.

Prospective students can study in disciplines related to each department or lab of our Institution. The chosen degree can be widely customized and individualised and this usually involves considerable effort via supervised research assignments, projects, and a thesis. In general, a research degree is an advanced study program that allows students to deeply explore a topic that interests them. On this purpose, we continuously support our growing and thriving research community with resources and networking opportunities. We connect our students with a global community of scholars, industry experts, leading academics, and employers from a diverse range of interdisciplinary research areas.

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