Professional registration with ‘SR21’ provides independent recognition of your achieving and maintaining the exacting standards required to join the global community of professional scientists and science technicians. Many scientists today work across different areas of science; for instance combining computing with chiropody or physics with physiology. The SR21’s professional registers are for all practising scientists, independent of discipline.

Registration as a professional scientist provides professional recognition for those working in scientific and higher technical roles. Registered professional scientists (PSci) and professional science technicians (PSciTech), represent the best professional scientists working worldwide. Leading teams and departments, they use their specialist knowledge and broader scientific understanding to develop and improve the application of science and technology.

Registration as a ‘PSci‘ or ‘PSciTech‘, reflects the wide variety of sciences and their practice, recognising high levels of skill and experience, independent of discipline. Once registered, you must maintain your status through meeting continuing professional development (CPD) requirements each year. Applicants need to demonstrate their competence across various areas by providing examples from your working life, usually within the last five years. You will also need to provide professional references that can vouch for your knowledge and experience. You are then assessed, either on paper or in a face to face interview.

An applicant to be registered as a PSci or PSciTech, will need to explain how they meet the below competences:
– Use specialist experiential knowledge and broader scientific understanding to optimise the application of existing and emerging science and technology.
– Exercise sound judgement in the absence of complete information and in complex or unpredictable situations.
– Demonstrate critical evaluation of relevant scientific information and concepts to propose solutions to problems.
– Work autonomously and take responsibility for the work of self and others.
– Promote and implement robust policies and protocols relating to health, safety and security
– Promote and ensure compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements and quality standards.
– Oversee the implementation of solutions with due regard to the wider environment and broader context.
– Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with specialist and non- specialist audiences.
– Demonstrate effective leadership through the ability to guide, influence, inspire and empathise with others.
– Demonstrate the ability to mediate, develop and maintain positive working relationships.
– Scope, plan and manage multifaceted projects.
– Demonstrate the achievement of desired outcomes with the effective management of resources and risks.
– Take responsibility for continuous performance improvement at both a personal level and in a wider organisational context.
– Demonstrate understanding and compliance with relevant codes of conduct.
– Demonstrate a commitment to professional development through continuing advancement of own knowledge, understanding and competence.

Professional registration recognises standards of excellence in the practice of science, across departments and across disciplines. It commits you to continuing professional development (CPD) and proves that you are investing in your talent.

Assurance of quality
Professional registration requires you to prove your experience and competence across several areas, including application of scientific knowledge, understanding and principles. Getting you professionally registered assures you as a high performing employee.

It also assures your employer or customers and clients that you or your organisation is committed to a high quality application of science.

By investing in your training and development, you feel valued and able to grow in your roles. We encourage individuals to apply for professional status as it recognises the skills they bring to their organisation and rewards them for a job well done.

Continuous improvement
Our registrants are committed to their continuing professional development (CPD), which is a requirement to remain professionally registered. Supporting  professional registration fosters this commitment to keeping skills sharp and knowledge up to date, which is particularly important for the application of science.

Ethical standards
Professional registrants commit to a code of conduct, which includes pledges to have regard at all times for the public interest, ensure their professional activities do not put the health and safety of others at risk, and to never engage in corrupt practice.

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Initial assessment including one year registration fees for the ‘PSci‘ status is 400 euros.
Initial assessment including one year registration fees for the ‘PSciTech‘ status is 300 euros. Each year re-assessment and re-registration is needed. Annual fees are 200 euros for the ‘PSci‘ status and 150 euros for the ‘PSciTech‘ status.

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