The Alliance networks leading global universities in a Aristeia Alliance PNGspecific discipline and international companies, which may provide a training / placement environment for research students. The aim is to help build a strong future for the member institutions by creating a constructive and positive space for debate and new ideas and provide the trainees with a possible job opportunity. The member institutions work closely with employers, to provide long work placements and equip graduates with the skills and abilities needed to secure employment.

Various collaborative institutions and companies across the globe are members of the Alliance. Each separate entity offer research supervision and facilities necessary to the enrolled students of each program.

The convention between the Alliance and the member institutions is based:
1. On the academic credentials presented by the host institution, providing evidence of excellence in learning and research.

2. On the basis that SR21 – Institute for Scientific Research, can provide together with research oriented institutions worldwide, a number of undergraduate or postgraduate Advanced Research Study awards, based on the research excellence of each candidate.

3. On the accreditations and credibility of the conferred awards.


The Manipal Group, a pioneer in higher education services with a 60-year-old legacy of excellence, also owns and operates campuses in Sikkim and Jaipur in India, and in Nepal, Malaysia, and Antigua, in the Caribbean. Manipal Academy of Higher Education is synonymous with excellence in higher education. Over 28,000 students from 57 different nations live, learn and play in the sprawling University town, nestled on a plateau in Karnataka’s Udupi district. It also has nearly 2500 faculty and almost 10000 other support and service staff, who cater to the various professional institutions in health sciences, engineering, management, communication and humanities which dot the Wi-Fi-enabled campus. The University has off-campuses in Mangalore and Bangalore, and off-shore campuses in Dubai(UAE) and Melaka (Malaysia). The Mangalore campus offers medical, dental, and nursing programs. The Bangalore Campus offers programs in Regenerative Medicine. The Dubai campus offers programs in engineering, management and architecture, and the Melaka campus offers programs in medicine and dentistry. MANIPAL and SR21 are focusing on three areas of collaboration: Register as a Scientist, Parallel awards and Knowledge and Technology Transfer.


Adam Global is the fastest growing network with more than 130 member firms across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. Each member firm is carefully vetted to ensure full compliance with law and professional regulating bodies in their jurisdiction.
The ADAM Education Network provide Educational Services worldwide. The aim of ADAM’s Edu Net is to become a Global Centre of Excellence where not only Students and Educational Institutes benefit, but real research, latest publications and advancements are being discussed in collaboration with Education Agencies, other global Education Networks and ministries, to help people become future ready. Currently, they empower international students and professionals to reach their goals through limitless access to their trusted and accredited education providers. Their Network comprises of Universities, International School Networks, Executive & Professional Education Providers, Training & Coaching Centers as well as regulatory bodies, agencies and research centers.

MTIM - TU Crete

The MSc in Technology & Innovation Management is a one-year intensive interdisciplinary program offered by the Technical University of Crete. It is coordinated by the School of Production Engineering and Management with the collaboration of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This program is designed for graduates from a wide range of academic backgrounds including Engineering Schools, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Agriculture, Business Administration, Finance, Information Technology, Medical & Bio-medical, Military Academies and Technological Universities & Institutes from EU and non EU countries.. The language of instruction is English. The “Aristeia alliance” supports this degree program worldwide. Parallel (dual) awards are available depending on the credentials of each individual student.

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